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4 issues a year (about 400 pages) - Format 16*24 cm
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More than ever, goods are being sold and carried across borders. This merchandise and its means of transport are the subject of numerous contracts and incidents, which in turn may give rise to disputes in one or several jurisdictions. Despite many international treaties and attempts at unifying legislation, the solution may vary from legal system to legal system. Businessmen see this as a millstone round their necks; lawyers see it as a minefield.
While you, lawyers who are active in the field of international trade and the transport business, are armed with codes and textbooks, new problems arise faster than expected and case law follows and evolves at an equally high pace.

The Journal for International Trade and Transport Law aims to keep you informed, four times a year and in an inspiring, clear and critical way, of important developments in transport law, international purchase/sales and their financing, as well as customs law and insurance law.

Each issue of the journal offers at least one doctrine piece in Dutch, French or English which discusses, in a thorough, scientific yet pragmatic manner, a topical legal issue related to international trade and/or transport law. Each article will be accompanied with an abstract in Dutch, French and English.

Obviously, the Journal for International Trade and Transport Law devotes a great deal of attention to important Belgian (Dutch-language and French-language) case law, and if possible also to arbitration judgments. Key passages from the judgments will be published in the journal along with detailed commentary in Dutch, French or English. The judgment or ruling discussed is always viewed from the perspective of Belgian case law and legal doctrine and, if relevant, critically assessed and put in a broader, international context. Each judgment or ruling will be accompanied with the necessary keywords as well as a brief summary of the journal in three languages, namely Dutch, French and English.

The full content of the case law cited will be available on this website.
It goes without saying that, as well as national case law, recent developments in relevant foreign case law, too, should be included in the journal and, therefore, will receive due attention. In addition to providing a brief interpretation of the judgment or ruling concerned, each comment will assess whether such case law is consistent with or diverges from the Belgian case law concerned.

The editorial staff of the Journal for International Trade and Transport Law are dedicated and enthusiastic academics and legal practitioners. They guarantee a high level of quality of the content and, together with externals specialists in the field, are responsible for proofreading the contributions provided. They contact the authors and, if necessary, make suggestions as to how to improve and edit the articles so that each issue will provide you, the reader, with top-notch quality and interesting information.

Finally, on behalf of all the editorial staff, I appeal to you. Do not hesitate to contact us when you become aware of important case law related to international trade or transport issues, or if you wish to contribute to the journal yourself.

In doing so, we hope this journal will fill a gap in Belgium’s legal landscape.

We wish you much reading pleasure and look forward to receiving your feedback.


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 Meer dan ooit worden goederen over de grenzen heen verkocht en vervoerd. Deze koopwaar en hun transportmiddelen zijn het voorwerp van talloze contracten en incidenten, welke op hun beurt weer aanleiding kunnen geven tot geschillen in één of meerdere jurisdicties. Ondanks de aanwezigheid van vele internationale verdragen en pogingen tot eenmaking van wetgeving kan de oplossing vaak van rechtsstelsel tot rechtsstelsel verschillen. De zakenman ervaart dit als een molensteen, voor de jurist is het een mijnenveld.
U, de jurist die actief is in het domein van de internationale handel en het transportgebeuren, bent weliswaar gewapend met wetboeken en handboeken, toch stellen nieuwe problemen zich sneller dan verwacht en de rechtspraak volgt en evolueert aan een even hoog tempo.

Het Tijdschrift voor Internationale Handel en Transportrecht wil u vier maal per jaar op inspirerende, heldere en kritische wijze op de hoogte te brengen van belangrijke evoluties die zich voordoen in het transportrecht, de internationale koop-verkoop en haar financiering, het douanerecht en het verzekeringsrecht.